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[Re​-​Evaluated] Young Professionals

by Grayson

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We are professionals. We're identical, Lying through our smiles. We sit in cubicles, Follow protocol. We've joined the standard rank and file. All we know: We won't be defined, We won't be owned. Are we sure of ourselves? Yes and no, But it's worth a go. The prevailing point is We're all adults In suits and ties Utilized like shackles. But "circumscribe" Our lives as something less Homogenized; We're undefined. We all said We'd find our own way. All the while Trying to hold a Brave face. Like blood through arteries, We drive on potholed streets, Singing those old hopeful songs. Although the hope they preach Has become bittersweet, We still find away to sing along. We throw our lives At the walls To see what sticks. Not to convince Anyone of anything, But for the good it'll bring. To avoid reproach We hide behind Our suits and ties, But devote our free time To living lives we're not Embarrassed by. We're undefined. We're undefined. We all said We'd find our own way. All the while Trying to hold a Brave face. We all said We'd find our own way. All the while Trying to hold a Brave face.
It wasn't what you said, It was the way you said it-- Anyone could say such filthy words. It was maybe your accent, Maybe your inflections, That made those nasty words Less absurd. I remember the places, I remember the faces You would make. They stuck with me. Remember the late nights. Remember bitter fights. We fought ourselves, We stanched the bleeds. I'm better off. You're better off. We're better off. With all the blame lain out this way Our scars can start to fade away. We made our marks, we said our piece, We cursed, we screamed. We're memories, memories. With all the pain as evidence, We burnt out like a cigarette: A grimy edge, with a short buzz. A spark can't last It never does.
There was a Pre-mid-life-- Somesuch? Or something like that-- When all the walls Were closing in… Note: These words are rehashed from a rehearsed confab From TV or in a bad book, and like an amateur I just straight-up took My cues, then repackaged them As a prepackaged counterfeit life. What else can I really say? Well, I can say I don’t want to live As a bad cliché, But a real person: Fragile and frail, But strong compared To the plastic lives We’re expected to share. Here it is, I’m checking out, I’m handing in my resignation. But I just had a thought: This response is an imitation! What do I do when it’s all been done? Simply rinse, repeat, and call it even? Or hope that I can somehow Offer something I am proud, Something I can be proud of.
Part Two 03:06
I bought me a house. I drive an SUV to work In a big-ass office with a view. My life's sorted out. I'll sleep when I'm dead, I'll eat when I can. I'll spend time with my family Once they're set up nice and comfy. But if I have a truth to tell, I don't recognize myself. Is this all there is? I thought there'd be more. It can't be just this, I was so goddamn sure. Is it all a lie? I've been fooled before. Have I wasted my life? I'm not so sure. Man, fuck this shit. If it means precisely dick Then what's the point of all of it? I'll just fucking quit. Forty good years left Unless my heart explodes in my chest From the stress And proves my efforts useless. This capital-D "dream" Tells lies just like Gatsby-green lights Pulsing at night. I'm not my fucking title. You're not your fucking khakis. This ain't all I am I swear to you. I can start again, Call it My Life, Part Two It was all a lie. I know there is more. Part Two starts right now. And that's for fucking sure. This is my life. My Life, Part Two. This is my life. My Life, Part Two. This is my life. My Life, Part Two.


released July 5, 2021

-{Re-Evaluated} Young Professionals was engineered, produced, recorded, and mixed by Scott Minner at The Armory Studio over the course of several months in the winter and spring of 2021.
-Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.
-Vocals were produced by Bob Jones and Scott Minner.
-All music written by Grayson and Shawn Williams.
-All music performed by Grayson.
-Additional guitars written by Scott Minner and performed by Nick Gregorio.
-Keyboards on "Young Professionals" written and performed by Scott Minner.
-All lyrics by Nick Gregorio.
-All backing vocals and oozin'ahs by Nick Gregorio and Scott Minner.
-All gang vocals by Nick Gregorio, Eric Jaen, and Bob Jones.
-All handclaps by Nick Gregorio, Eric Jaen, Bob Jones, and Scott Minner.
-Album art by James Edward Clark.

Grayson is:
Nick Gregorio - Vocals/Guitar
Dan Herb - Drums
Eric Jaen - Bass

Grayson would like to thank Lizz, Erin, Danielle, Brody, and Isla for being so cool about all the sessions it took to finish this thing. Special thanks to Bob Jones for all of the guidance, patience, and laughter while helping us get the best out of ourselves. As always, thank you Scott Minner for being an excellent producer and even better friend. Thanks to Justin Mondschein for recording the original versions of these tunes all those years ago and being so encouraging when we decided to breathe some new life into them. Thank you Shawn Williams, Tony Conner, and Mike Dougherty. Thanks to all of the generous folks who bought Monster and "TNT 2"--you definitely didn't have to do that, but we appreciate the hell out of you. Thank you James Edward Clark and Bill Henderson. And a big, final thank you to our monster mascot--a fella aptly named Dick--for gracing three of our records with his creepy, disgusting presence. It's time to say goodbye, dear friend. We'll see you again someday, we're sure. But, until then, enjoy your retirement.

This record is dedicated to us. We accomplished a whole hell of a lot during our first year and a half back, and we feel pretty goddamn good about that. Until next time, friends! With any luck, we'll see you at a show sooner than later. GET YOUR GODDAMN VACCINE AND IT'LL BE SOONER, YOU N00BS!


all rights reserved



Grayson Hatfield, Pennsylvania

New EP "Monster" available now!

Grayson is a skate punk-influenced punk rock band from the Philly 'burbs. We started in 2013, broke up for a while, and now we're back.

Grayson is:
Nick Gregorio
Dan Herb
Eric Jaen
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